Thursday, August 24, 2017

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Week of May 22, 2017

We read a book about Pirate's underwear and we drew on underwear.

We cut the underwear.

We loved this book!

Our pirate underwear!

We painted an ocean.

We investigated with hand lenses.

We used clothespins.

We added sand to our oceans.

Our pirate underwear hanging on a clothesline.

Some of us talked during Mr. Thomson's morning announcements.

We created art with watercolor.

We built structures.

We created sand castles.

We practiced the letter sounds of each letter in "CASTLE".

We created crabs.

We painted pirate's treasure chests.

Our crabs in the ocean!

We love the playground!

We worked with play dough.

We named and sorted shapes.

We added treasure to our treasure chests.

We did our kindergarten and Pre-K inclusion party style. We danced!

We played in the foam pit!

Friday, May 19, 2017

May 15, 2017

We cut out fish shapes.

We work with friends.

We create structures.

We draw.

We sequence pictures.

We cut out a HUGE letter O.

We created Rainbow Fish.

We glued rainbow colored scales.

Rainbow Fish!

We went shopping.

We added an eye and a sparkly scale to our Rainbow Fish.

We created owls and sounded out the letters in the word "owl".

We put black "octopus ink" all over the letter O.

We had fun with shaving cream.

We created the letter "O" out of two big curves.

We created a lower case "o", too.

Our owls!

Our Rainbow Fish!

Kindergartners do Drumfit in P.E.

We created an octopus.

We cut eight tentacles.

We practice cutting every day.

We added suction cups and eyes.

We created structures with fish blocks.

We sounded out the letters in the word "shark".

We work with Mr. Potato Head.

We colored eels.

We read every day.



Our new slide!

We drew colorful starfish.

We created BIG art.

We colored fish and sounded out the letters in the word "FISH".